The Damned and Dirty

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Our award-winning debut album, completely free! This is a digital download!

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Our award-winning debut album, completely free!

Playing in a band kicks ass. Writing songs for a band is pretty sweet too, but sometimes you write a song that just doesn’t work out in a full-blown band. So when most of their band mates in BluesMotel were on vacation, Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger decided to write some songs for something new.

After a couple of weeks they joined 20Twelve Audio engineers Erwin Palper and Frank de Jong to start recording. Two days of studio time later they had recorded 13 songs. On of these was written for them by their good friend Eddy Gartry (of Blues State ‘UK’ fame).

The Damned and Dirty’s first album is released under a Creative Commons License. This means it is permitted to create derirative works and even make money on those works as long as it is correctly attributed and released under the same license (‘share alike’).

Release date
September 1st 2012
Fuck Yeah! Records
Best Dutch Blues Album 2012
Micha Sprenger and Kevin de Harde*
Kevin de Harde
Vocals and harmonica
Kevin de Harde
Guitar, backing vocals
Micha Sprenger
Frank van Tijn
Recorded by
Frank de Jong, Erwin Palper
Mixed & Mastered by
Erwin Palper, 20Twelve Audio
Bas Stoffelsen

* except When the devil’s got your name by Eddy Gartry, used and licensed with permission